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shaanbei chink takes on random thoughts that pop into his head 
and attempts to put them into words. these random thoughts are
however guided by the common through line of the effects of
immigration and the diaspora on chink identity through primary
frameworks of linguistics, critical theory, historiography (so the
thoughts are not so random).

shaanbei triad in xi'an c. 1998
of course, none of the words are meant to be completely lucid
or understandable. at the end of the day, all the words on this
page are very much ‘creative’ writing heavily stylized, mainly
for fun, or for what them bois call ‘code-switching’ (lol), so
you could call them lyric essays (lol2). the topics covered are
important to this shaanbei chink.

You can reach this shaanbei chink at
shaanbeichink at gmail.com.