26 March 2016

Poorhomiewei’s Rebuttal of 党唯予’s Accusations

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Poorhomiewei's letter to 党唯予, don't even know if that treasonous bastard knows chinkese

Mr. Dang:

A chink will respond to you in what you and your white friends deem to be proper English. Though a chink has no affinity for either lucidity or accessibility, I will concede to you on the argument that text creator does indeed have the wider visibility and exposure of Country Chink Broadsides as the end goal. As such, and as you may have just remarked, I am reclaiming the first person pronoun that you have taken. No longer, at least for the length of this dispute, will a chink refer to himself as a chink. I will concede, if you wish to categorize it as a victory, to you on the point of individualism. The use of the first person pronoun, though it does obviate the abrasive tone I cherish, does strengthen my claims of Chink authority and independence.

That matter aside, Mr. Dang, I will refer to you in the white scum manner of “Mr. Dang” for the extent of this debate. We will, as you have done so, succumb to the rules of the white man, so as to allow the white man, who, as I know you pander to, you sycophantic dog no better than hongkong scum, form the large majority of our readership, despite my best intents. Here again, I will concede to you and accept that my blunt style is offputting to various white readers who, no matter what they say, will never accept this sort of tone coming out of a chink mouth. A whiteman will only accept the advancement of the chink cause if it benefits him. A whiteman will only accept the advancement of the black cause if he can say nigga next time a ye song comes on. A whiteman will only accept feminism if it’s white—that’s a discussion for another date, and maybe a tribune article (but I will add that the burden lies on the majority of white feminists who do not clarify their larger support of the colored women, needless to say, we all know that in the 60s and 70s, it was precisely this oversight that corroded the feminist movement from the inside, and today, well, we’ll leave it at that). Point being, whiteman will not accept my, Mr. Poorhomiewei’s, tone as I am a Chinese man working in direct opposition to the white cause. Now, for posterity, and solidarity (an idea I despise)  I’d like to reiterate and quote your stance on the term “whiteman.” I use it to encompass all whites, regardless of what kind of gender they subscribe to for the sake of expediency as “whiteman” is easier on the tongue and the fingers than “whiteperson.”

Now to your attacks on my claims of your lack of manhood.

Before I dive into textual criticism, I’d like to reiterate my stance in the lucid language you and the readers may perhaps call for from Mr. Poorhomiewei. I will make this very clear. I will patronize you. I will indulge you. I will tell you how I am laying it out. I will lay this out. In the next paragraph I will explain my stance.

I, Mr. Poorhomiewei, believe that chinks should no longer cower inside the game of the whiteman. We should no longer pretend to be nice. We should no longer pretend, or for some of us as it is natural, to be subservient. Instead, a true chink for the cause will not let the whiteman off easy. A chink fully indebted and invested in the cause will divest the whiteman of the strange hold and trance he has us in. The first step is to deprive them of the superiority they hold over us. Chinks will no longer play their game. Chinks will no longer feel any urgent obligation to be polite or deferential in their presence. A chink will speak out and be loud.

We don’t need to, as you say, “what we need right now is the kind of infiltration that your boi dwy is enacting.” This does not make sense. The very actu of infiltration will erode your chinkness. There is no more need to be fake, Mr. Dang. We don’t need your kind of “softer, maybe more intellectual approach.” Mr. Dang, all you propose is a temporary halt in progress for the sake of better fitting in to their world. We don’t need to better fit in the world, the chinks need to be an actual part of the world. We shouldn’t be the yellow smoke that slides along the street in search of echoing the whiteman. You, Mr. Dang, may think that indeed there will be time, to for all the works and days of hands      that lift and drop a question on your plate, time for you and time for me, and time yet for a hundred indecisions, and for a hundred visions and revisions, before the taking of our place in the world, before our taking of an identity, before our taking of their power, before our becoming real instead of the hollow, yellow pansies they all see us as. Mr. Dang, my biggest problem with your attitude is your acceptance of what is and willingness to fit into the white paradigm. Mr. Dang, we have lingered in the chambers of the whiteman’s world, by women wreathed in white power of money and speech, but in the solutions you propose, we will linger in that chamber till human voices wake us, and we drown.  

I do not think that they will ever sing of us.

I do not think that they will ever acknowledge us.

Not unless we see ourselves as individuals instead of a collective. They can silence the entire collective because they’re the ones that have put us under the label of Asian. We aren’t Asians. Fuck Asia. We’re chinks. At least, Mr. Dang, I’m a chink. I don’t know if you are, but I’m a chink, and I’m proud to be a chink. I’m proud to be heckled and insulted by the whiteman because I speak out. Because I know they can’t accept or tolerate a chink for accepting his own shortcomings and accepting the compression of his spirit at the hands of larger dominant culture.

I don’t even care anymore if you and other chinks don’t want to follow me. I know that I’m a chink, and I don’t need the collective to know I’m a chink. I don’t need to fall into the imaginary. I don’t need to fall into the limited. I don’t need to fall into the sovereign. I don’t need to fall into the communal.

What I want, Mr. Dang is to have a real, visceral response to my speaking out. I want the limitless breadth of expression non-chinks get. I want no power over others. I want no part into the organized shame and weakness of chinks and Asians. I will sit upon your shore, fishing you and your ruins, setting my lands in order.

Mr. Dang, I don’t need to issue any threats to you, or to post stupid pictures of children in mock gangster poses. Mr. Dang, all I need to do is to be an isolated example. You may choose to follow or not, as you wish. But the fact of the matter is, you don’t wish. Most chinks don’t wish. Most chinks are content. But, I’m not. But of course, only those who have thought and personality and emotions know what it means to want to escape from these things.


Mr. Poorhomiewei

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