12 March 2016

On Whites Reviewing Chinkfood.

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damn bruh, this what happens when whitemen interested in china, shit
The modern chink may be a western robot and generally disinterested in retaining his ancestry to the extent of forgoing assimilation into the whiteman world. But, one thing that is constant for all chinks, and the reason behind this blog’s existence, is Chink food.

A major problem that a chink's noticed and felt in recent years is the pollution of Chink food by allowing western people to reappropriate it and make money off of it. Again, a chink has written on the subject, with not so nice language. And a whiteman might ask, so why can’t we make and sell your food if you make and sell all our things? To this a chink first says, fuck you, you entitled little imperialist. Then a chink laughs. Then a chink lights a cigarette.


And a chink finally says, well bruh, in your world a chink has so little to themselves that it doesn’t seem like too much of a concession for chinks to have a monopoly on chink food. White man might be like, bruh, why can’t you share?
And a chink’s like, well, why can’t you let a chink be president? Or maybe like, why’d you mistreat us in the past? (to put it lightly)

Maybe the best reason is again to discuss the historical sense of Chink food. Easiest way would be to say, chinks didn’t actually have food to eat for a couple decades, or if we really think about it, a couple centuries. So, why should a whiteman be allowed to talk about something so hallowed?

Or maybe a chink don’t like it when you look at our food like, shit bruh, that’s some wack shit. I think here we just feed that to the pigs. And a chink’s like, Yes. Fuck outta here.

In essence, preserving Chinese food for the Chinese preserves Chines culture for the Chinese. Maybe a white man doesn’t really have any food he can be proud of so he has to take our shit.

On this note, I applaud the Cantonese. For one thing at least. They may have been down as fuck for making that opium money in the 19th century, but in the west, it seems like they’re atoning for that by selling the white man actual garbage. Good on them.

When a whiteman’s like, I love Szechuan. A chink bet you his fucking 羊杂碎 that a whiteman’s never had Szechuan, (unless he been to Sichuan). First of all, a chink is vehemently against whitemen not using proper pinyin, as standardized in the People’s Republic of China. When whitemen use wade-giles, they’re just propagating that white man poverty porn Chinese interest. To any white readers, probably very few, this distinction is akin to writing French names with in phoneticized English. For example, juh n'aim pah layz omm blong. Yeah, if you French a chink think you’d be pretty insulted.

Back to the Cantonese comment. These chinks will advertise that they make like fifteen types of Chinese ethnic food. Lol. That’s when a chink knows to avoid that shit. Chances are they don’t know how to make any of those foods, Cantonese included. You wouldn’t trust a white dude from connecticut making shawarma would you? Probably not. Same thing for Chinese. Every cuisine is distinct. Those Goddamn cantos, fucking with the whiteman. Can't live without them. Can’t trust a foreigner making something of another cuisine. The real kicker, and emblem of white stupidity, is when old whity whites a westaurant weview saywing shit like, this stupendous Chinese restaurant boasts a sprawling array of various Chinese cuisines such as Zhejiang, hunan, Szechuan, dongbei, Cantonese, Pekinese, and teriyaki.

Let’s take this step by step. First thing strange about this is that a whiteman probably thinks it’s amazing someone can master all this shit. Not true, nobody in Chinkland can do this shit. You think a chink would run to whiteman world to show off? Probs no. Second. Anyone who can cook all those kinds of foods is a blood traitor that disgraces whatever his home province is. Third, probably to the surprise of most white people, Chinese food isn’t meant for buffets, so why would they serve you this many kinds of food? Also, the conflation of the pinyin and wade-giles is basically a white imperialist limpdick shoved down a chinks mouth. To take it one bit further, these whitemen can’t even make a grammatically correct list. In English, you can’t use a proper name as an adjective. In Chinese you can, but by the time you make a sentence like that, just stop. A similar list would be like, Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany, fransssayz, and middle-eastern. Not quite a logical list is it. They're trying to make some fucked up food version of the chinese zodiac or some shit. Damn.

So when a whiteman is rating chinkstaurants with a white eye, a bitch is saying that his whiteman view of China is superior than a Chink view of Chinese food. When a whiteman reviewing chink food, man,

1.    It destroys the business potential for authentic chink food
2.    It makes chinks pander
3.    It degrades chink food
4.    It asserts white superiority
5.    It debases the chinkperience
6.    It breaks the chinkfood market

Whitemen can try to do whatever they want to the Chinese economy, but don’t touch the food.

Dear whiteman : please stop reviewing Chinese food.

Shut your fucking mouth and get some cash ya bish


  1. Amen
    (And I'm pretty sure teriyaki is not Chinese :P)

  2. haha you funny chink, white man read entire article!

  3. >bitch about whiteman not writing pinyin and then say "shawarma" instead of شاورما‎, fuckin lmao m8

    1. pinyin is chinese written in latin letters, it's not chinese written in chinese, but there are many different forms of white phoneticization unaccepted in china.
      shawarma is شاورما written in latin letters. completely different story