10 March 2016


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cannolo? biscotto? mambo? italiano? galliano?/
how a chink contemplated the lack of      ?      from the back corner sequestered at ferlucci and began his ? over again
notes for a chink who has nothing better to do or people to think of or things to hate ; in mtl ; in villeray? ; looking around with an unconscious fastidiousness and thinking, of course , over and over and over and spacebar spacebar (why before punctuation ? ) ? ; a false revelation of nothing? maybe a chink need more coffee?; why would a patriotic chink drink coffee, OHWAITTHEWHITEMANFUCKEDTHETEAOUTOFUS,DONTDRINKTEATIFYOUHAVEANYTHINGTODOWITHTHEBRITISHEMPIRE; a happy ending. Period </>

if a chink look like he look like he likes reading, is he reading or trying to look like he’s reading to look like he likes reading to look like he doesn’t care, but with conscious fastidiousness as he is the tiang’e in the willows of the underground tunnel from the industrial section through the middle of the bottom of the ground underneath a McDonalds? to look cool to people he doesn’t actually know or will never see again, is a chink a bitch ass punk white?

Shit, who was ever in a hurry on the metro? anyone taking the transit could have probably shave a couple seconds from something in their day like take a shit faster, pull up your socks faster, dress faster, instead of bumping a chink in the middle of walking and presumably thinking on some revelation about his life and shit.
Shit. Why rush?

2. a chink’s day before the fact (and shit) [love that word] {goddamn why don’t the chink language have a word like that that sounds so cool and shit, shit 我操} shit
so a chink started smoking again blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblahblahbleughbluehgughughguhuck BALLA
and a chink went to two classes today, did nothing met a chink d huang , d dog if only a chink would’ve taken a picture of a huang
                                                                                       a portrait of a young chink—
a chink then read a bit and then walked around, probs like 5 cigs in ballah
then a chink went to st Michel
blue faces
a man told a chink he had some problems a home in a foreign language to both him and a chink and the land, in the process of acquiring a second language and domesticating the self for the English and the white and the— so he couldn’t make it the past couple of times. a chink wanted to hug a br— so much but a chink just like—

3. medusas jerboas biscottis fragments

·      a roman, an artist, animals, coffe, biscotti, WIFI, CLOCKS, DANGLING CEILING LIGHTS, but a chink too nervous and insecure and weak and shit to take a picture and shit
·      Almond, white chocolate, cocoa biscotti in a list, in speech, without a choice
·      Superfluous barista flourishes, superfluous Italian names for a job easily in print/ or speech
·      Grown men, connect four at a bar stand, industrial grey-silver chairs
·      Dark hair, bun, ponytailtopknotwhatever, and STAN SMITHS         DISTRESSED JEANS         DARK CLOTHES                skin?  |           |
·      Round tables, kindergarden setting, potted flowers on shelves, tricycle as well?
·      Questions:
if a nigga act rude imma take his broad
if young metro don’t BOOMIN’
·      waterful™                                                     white button to
·      triangles in a shape of another triangle in a rectangular plastic box
·      Spotify: Mansen Yu
He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss)
(What did the Asian say?)
A peace of mind

4. On the coffee and the atmosphere
cozy, bitter, smooth, industrial, Third, weird Italian paraphernalia, Wave, tables, chairs, floorboards, Italian men

5. On the people
a man
a man
a man
a man
a woman
another woman
three more women
the TV?

the self pity of taking the easy way out

a metro ride away
to the side to the side to side to the side
                                    and around  
the midpoint


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