18 March 2016

Annoted Bibliography of Poorhomiewei’s Country Chink Broadsides’ foundational texts (part 1)

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<3 <3 <3 <3
(a chink don’t get how the alphabet works b/c the alphabet is a bitchass whiteman construct of hierarchical blahblahblah) 
poorhomiewei makes his own sequential organization. shit

Sontag, Susan. Against Interpretation, and Other Essays. New York, NY: Picador U.S.A., 2001. Print.

Poorhomie doesn’t quite get white feminism, but poorhomiewei venerates dark lady suz. Shit, poorhomiewei read this shit way back in the day and was like, bruhhh, a chink don’t like movies…  lol that's some whiteboi shit to say. But nah. Shit really made a chink think hard about form v style v content
Conclusions: a chink gives almost 0 fucks on content, but a chink dedicated and shit to form/style, so for all them bitches calling out a chink for vulgarity, read sontag and then ask your dumbwhiteass why a chink writes the way a chink writes. Shit

Oates, Joyce Carol, and Elaine Showalter. them. New York: Modern Library, 2006. Print.

A chink got some weird fascination with joyce carol oates. Probs b/c a chink big into that suburban whiteman shit. To be clear, that’s a chink’s favorite whiteman, the poor ones who don’t get to do what they want. Damn, like a chink rereads jules and Nadine over and over again probs like once a week. Shit, also there’s that JCO character vs the JCO author (who not even called that at the time. Shit. Also made a chink think about frames, pronouns and other formalist shit. Read that “How I Contemplated the World from the Detroit House of Correction and Began My Life Over Again” short story, told basically from analogue to Nadine. Shit probs a chink’s fav short story. Hmmmm some body should buy a chink Wheel of love first edition b/c a chink can’t find it. Hmmmmmm
Well, if a whiteboi don’t get the random wack frames and shit, read some oates, and it’ll probs make some sense to you

(also as a fun fact, a chink decided to wear a tiger’s hat b/c of Deeeetroit) (also b/c d for Dan—) (nah, who the fuck is—) …

one final note: a chink writes a chink b/c a chink is a procedural movement from the anonymous text creator (one day to be addressed by a blogpost) (hmmmmm) (yall best be waiting for that. Shit) well, nah, look, a chink, needs to write from the perspective of a chink to show all you whitebois what it feels like to be constantly jarred by the word “chink” shit, a chink finds it funny, because, lol, a shaanbei chink don’t have no fucking –k words in chinkguage, shit. All yall making fun of canto bitches? Shit. Well, a chink guess nobody really like the sound of that canto pots and pans shit. Well, maybe if those bitches hadn’t sucked the whiteman dick back in the opium wars. Hmmmm. Nah. Opium humiliation probs for the best. 百年国耻 ; 向前进步.

On that “a chink” persona though. Is a chink even poorhomiewei? Or is poorhomiewei the editor (not so much work done, or is there?) of a chink? It could probs be that a chink writes in fully formed properly written engrish and poorhomiewei is the chink who’s trying to make a chink sound stupid? Hmmmmm. Maybe poorhomiewei thinks it’d be funny to make a chink have shit engrish. Hmmmm. Nah it’s to fuck with the whitebitches. Shit. Who is talking to who? The line is in the middle of the square, the rectangle in a circle criss crossed by a triangle—
Shit nah, don’t worry bout it. A chink is the working mind of some disembodied chink. Anyways a chink is like saying “he” except a chink gracious enough to let yall whitebois know that it’s a chink speaking. Shit. Yall best believe dat. A chink letting you see his mind at work, and yall call him vulgar? Damn, bruh can you spell rducveite? Shit passive reading ass hobitchhonks.

A chink don’t think it’s necessary for a chink to talk in anykind of mature or ornate language to sound intelligent or eloquent. Shit that’s not a parallel construction. Maybe b/c a chink never gonna cross that fucking line, if whiteman hold a chink on a parallel lvl, a chink never gonna be the same line as whiteboi. Maybe a chink just wants to be on the same line? Shit, fuck your grammar and shit. Get to the deep syntax. A chink is a child, a chink is a woman, a chink is a man, a chink is black, a chink is latino, a chink NOT white

Shit, a chink think yall just scared to think that any art or poetic spirit can be in the body of a chink. Shit? You think vulgarity and disjunction doesn’t belong in this kind of language? Shit you a bitch ass deportation-ready illegal in your own damn language. This a language for the immigrants, you think you a native, an immigrant gonna smack you upside the head

McInerney, Jay. Bright Lights, Big City: A Novel. New York: Vintage Contemporaries, 1984. Print.

A chink too much of a bitch to do that Peruvian marching powder, but a chink big into Vicky, not so much humanism nor Spinoza. But a chink into that second person detached pov and shit. Hmmm maybe that’s why a chink writes from a detached third person chink. Shit, but bruh, maybe you a chink since you made that word, and since a chink call everyone a chink, shit maybe all singular pronouns for a chink are “chink?” damn bruhhhh, a chink don’t use “I” b/c in his(orher?)idiolect “I” “you” “he” “she” is all denotated by “chink?”

Hmmmmm, that’s some 肉夹馍 for thought….. 👲👲👲

Thug, Young. Barter 6. 300 Entertainment/Atl. 2015. Thepiratebay.

Well a chink loves his thuggathug, but a chink don’t wanna gonna pay for his thuggathugga no matter how much he loves his thuggathugg

Caaann’’’’t ttt tt t tt eeeeee  aiiiiyyyll
I might shoot yuuu inyaah heeeaad then deeeyres no mo thankanggg
Pussy boyahah I leave youdeadcallitDEADICATION

Siiit down aeeennnd get rich like a booookahhsdfshah
Might drawwwupp the tawwwwp uuuuhhhhhppawwwfit

Millay, Edna St. Vincent. EVERYTHING ABOUT HER: Experiences of an OG Ballaball on your sonnet ass. World: Life. 1892-1950. Print/poetictranscendentbondlovefrombeyondthegrave.

Shit, a chink isn’t even gonna explain this. Shiiit.
Just let that shit be what that shit be.
            A chink gon smoke one for your honor.
            A chink + sonnets + denial of agency + rooms/conceptual spacing + agential reversals + triple voltas = hmmmmm. A chink gonna let you figure that out yourself

(a chink apologizes fair Vincent, for a chink has dishonored you)

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